Micron Precision Metrology Compounds for Quality Control. Trusted in the most demanding fields: [Aerospace|Formula 1|Energy|Engineering|Automotive|Medical]

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How Does Plastiform Work?


Prepare the part

Ensure your subject part is clear and free of swarf, oil and dirt. Use the Plastiform AC-019 to assist in the process.


Apply the Compound

Using the simple, Nozzle, Cartridge and Gun system Plastiform is applied to the subject part.


Allow to cure

Curing takes around 6-8 Minutes for our most popular products. But certain products can be as fast a 60 seconds.


Remove the impression

Remove the impression from the part. The impression will replicate the subject part with Micron accuracy while leaving no residue


Inspect with Micron Accuracy

Typically measured using a profile projector or shadow graph the impression is easily inspected. Using the AC-012 it is also possible to slice the impression on certain products.

With Plastiform you can [Expand your measurement capabilities|Increase your inspection efficiency|Inspect with Micron Accuracy]

Increase Efficiency
Reduce or eliminate the need to destroy parts for inspection. Save time and inspect within minutes
Expand Capabilites
With dedicated products you can inspect hard to reach Surface Roughness, Internal grooves and more
Inspect with Accuracy
Plastiform products are accurate to a micron and trusted by the biggest names in the UK

Internal Inspection


Some description

  • Micron Accuracy
  • 6-8 Minute Cure Time
  • Fluid
  • Very Flexible
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Internal Simple


Some description

  • Micron Accuracy
  • 6-8 Minute Cure Time
  • Fluid
  • Can be Sliced
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External Complex


Some description

  • Micron Accuracy
  • 6-8 Minute Cure Time
  • Pasty
  • Can be Sliced
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Starter Kits
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Our cartridge based system carries Micron Accuracy

Plastiform is best measure using an optical or vision system. This is made easier using the AC-012 Double blade cutter.

Plastiform is simple and easy to use - after a few minutes you'll feel comfortable using our systems.

Plastiform products are non-toxic and can be handled without PPE.

No substances / raw materials containing substances mentioned in the REACH SVHC list in a concentration > 0.1 % are present in the composition of Plastiform products.