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Manual Putty Instructions

Step 1 - Preparing for application...

1. Clean the part that you wish to inspect so that all impurities have been removed.

2. It is advisable to use the Surface Cleaner DN1 to eliminate oils and greases from with in the part.

3. Wait for the DN1 to dry (do not wipe clean).

Step 2 - Mix the two components...

1. Using the spoons, take an equal volume of Base (coloured) and Hardener (white). Manually mix until the colour is homogeneous (30 seconds approx.)

Caution : polymerisation starts when the two components are in contact. Make the impression quickly after the end of the mix.

Step 3 - Print moulding...

1. Create a smooth and neat surface before applying the product, in order to avoid creases and cracks on the final impression.

2. Apply on the surface you need to copy, and strongly press the compound to ensure a good contact with the surface.

3. Wait for the time specified, then remove the impression.

4. The product is cured when it becomes impossible to make a mark with your nail.