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About Us

In the early 1980s, RIVELEC developed a breakthrough technology : Dimensional Print Moulding, and invented a polymer with unique technical features :PLASTIFORM. Thanks to its high accuracy (due to the absence of shrinkage during polymerization), this compound enables the creation of micron (µm) accuracy impressions, avoiding Destructive Testing in most cases. The excellent results and the success of PLASTIFORM have pushed RIVELEC to develop new products to meet the specific needs of different applications : impressions of complex forms, impressions of external forms, impressions of large volume etc...

In 2002, Fabrice ALPANDA became the Managing Director, and set his sights on developing Plastiform Internationally

In 2010, H Roberts & Sons became the UK's sole Distributor of Plastiform, and every day work closely with Rivelec to meet the individual needs of every one of our customers.

Many Major UK and worldwide manufacturing companies and groups use Plastiform in there quality process (especially in the aerospace and Automotive industries) as a means to reduce the amount of Wasted parts through destructive testing.

PLASTIFORM® products are now a benchmark in the most demanding fields, including :

Aeronautic, Aerospace, Watch industry, Cosmetic, Automotive, Formula 1, Energy, Precision Engineering, Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries and many other high-technology areas...

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